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All this bitchery doesn’t come cheap, and we’re incredibly grateful that some awesome businesses have stepped up and offered us help in tangible ways.

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Our Sponsors
All those ingredients flyers were costing us money. And the team at Pivotal are now printing them for free! If you have any printing or design requirements, these guys are ready and waiting to help you out. Check out their website today.
You might have noticed we get through a fair few cake boxes! And they don’t come cheap. Which is why we were stoked when the awesome people at Port Nicholson Packaging came on board – they’re donating 200 boxes a month for free and are giving the rest to us at cost. This is our single biggest cost, and it’s made a huge difference already.
Other honourary good bitches of the business world

We’ve had some great support from a number of other businesses that have contributed significantly to our success. Shout outs go to these good bitches:





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One Sixteenth Creative

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