So you wanna be a Good Bitch?

Here's how.

Good Bitches Baking is all about spreading a bit of sweetness in our community. We aim to give a moment of happiness to people going through a tough time.

Thanks for your interest in being a Good Bitch. Anyone can be a Good Bitch – it’s a very admiring and gender-neutral term. Good Bitches are people who want to help those in their community who are having a tough time. You don’t have to be a master baker, because it’s the kindness in your intentions that matters more than the final product.

Here is everything you need to know to decide if being a Good Bitch is right for you.

What’s involved?

Good Bitches can bake or deliver baking, or both. How often is up to you, but we usually roster people on to bake about twice a month and/or deliver once a month. To join you’ll need to commit to baking or delivering at least once per month.

If you’re a baker you’ll need to supply your own ingredients, but we’ll provide a cake box to put in it.

If you’re a driver you’ll need to have your own car and pay for petrol. Usually drivers pick up from 4-6 bakers and drop off to 2 locations. We try really hard to roster your pick-ups in nearby suburbs.

When do we bake?

Most of the baking is done at the weekends and picked up on a Sunday. It will be collected from your house in most cases.

Depending on the chapter you join, there are sometimes some mid-week baking options, but these are "Bake and Drop" only - so you'll need to be able to deliver your own baking. Talk to your local chapter Head Bitch if you'd like to know more.

What sort of baking do you need?

All baking is well received. You can decide what to bake and how much.

We’ll give you a flier to write a personal note and an ingredients list on. This is so that recipients know that the baking is from a real person not a business, and to make sure we don’t accidentally cause an allergic reaction.

Who gets the baking?

Our purpose is to give a moment of sweetness to people having a tough time. So we deliver baking to places where there are groups of people who need some support. We don’t judge why they are in that situation.

Our recipients include include boarding houses, homeless trusts, soup kitchens, food banks, hospital wards, hospices and refuges.

As we grow we’ll add more recipients, so if you know a suitable place please let us know.

I’m in! How do I join?

Check out our chapters page to find a chapter near you.

Got a question?

Email us at

Message us on Facebook (Good Bitches Baking)

Contact us online.

Tweet us at @goodbitchesbake