About us
It’s about home...

Three years ago we decided to try to make the world a little bit less shitty, by baking treats for people having a tough time. We asked if anyone else wanted to join in. We truly had no idea that thousands would.

In fact, so many people have joined us, we’ve gone from a tiny group of 15 people based in Central Wellington to a national registered charity that’s growing all the time. Right now, we have 16 chapters already bitching around the country, and at least 8 more in the pipeline. We have well over 1,000 active volunteer bitches, and so many people joining every day that in some places we even have waiting lists.

And we've well and truly lost count, but we reckon that together, we've given close on 250,000 moments of happiness since we began.

Nic & Marie

Founding Bitches
October 2017

Marie and nic
Photo credit: Daniel Whiting